Friday, September 04, 2015

Custom Program Creation For Handhelds

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We write software for agile devices like iPads, iPhones, Android, Palms, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.

We love toys but we don't create toys.  We create systems that make your small business more efficient and effective through the use of handheld technology -- gadgets that are agile.


  [aj-uhl, -ahyl]
quick and well-coordinated in movement lithe:an agile leap.
active; lively: an agile person.
marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware: She's 95 and still very agile.



a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article.

Therefore we create ingenious, nimble, lithe, active, lively systems that allow your businesses to think and act quickly.  If you want that, contact us.

If you're looking for trivial toys, apps, or games, you're in the wrong place. Try Zynga.

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